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Kenneth Riley Graphic Design

I can assist you with the entire Logo Design process from an in-person or telephone consultation to gathering examples of your vision for your business. I will provide editable mock-ups of your artwork. Which you can critique and edit for revisions. 

Custom Artwork and design for your logo 
Logo redesign

Digital Marketing campaigns 

Online ads to drive sales & business development
Build Print ad strategies around promo & branding 

Simplicity is a key ingredient for logos because most consumers only focus on a logo for a short time. A simple design expresses your brand’s personality effectively.

The first quality great logos share is that they’re relevant to the markets their companies target. More importantly, they clearly communicate a brand’s personality & identity.

Another key aspect of a good logo is that it is memorable, even from the first time you see it. The logo should create a connection with a consumer and your brand. 

The best logos stand out from the pack because they remain relevant and effective over the years. It’s not always the best decision to incorporates current design trends and fads

 A good logo can be used in a variety of ways, shapes, and situations. Creating a logo that can be resized, printed, or placed on different media increases visibility.

I research your competition, check what they’re doing, and work out how to create something contrasting. I Push through obvious ideas and explore more uncommon concepts.

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