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Kenneth Riley Graphic Design

SEO is vital to the success of your business. If your website does not appear on page 1 of Google then you may find it challenging to promote your product or service.


I employ a forensic approach to search engine optimisation that will significantly improve your search engine ranking; increasing organic traffic to your website.

Keyphrase Research and analysis

Metadata configuration
Content optimisation

Reporting and analytics

Its all about those keywords! After thorough research I will identify the most relevant keywords to use throughout the website content and metadata.

I then ensure each web page is fully optimised for search engines, this process includes improving the website content, metadata, navigation and structure.

I will correct any errors that prevent Google from indexing your website, including fixing on-page errors, updating broken links and improving your site loading speed.

I improve the search presence of your website by ensuring your business is listed on any relevant directories and is integrated with your social media accounts.

I will connect your business to Google MyBusiness, Google Console and Google Analytics - 3 essential tools that provide a variety of benefits and key metrics.

I will regularly review your keyword positions and SEO performance, making any necessary updates. Monthly reports are issued so you can see the progress made.

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